Eureka EasyClean Hand Held Vacuum Review

In the world of vacuums, small size has always meant small power.  This is the way it’s been for generations.  Anyone needing power had to settle for a large, bulky, complicated upright.  The Eureka EasyClean was created to change that.  Packing incredible power in a small, compact design, this is a vacuum that is hard to beat.

The powerful 5.5 amp motor makes this handheld stronger than others of the same size.  Built into the lightweight body are two separate motors.  One powers the vacuum itself, creating an intense suction force.  The second powers the revolving brush located right in the cleaning head.  This sort of dual motor technology is generally only found in much larger vacuums.

The EasyClean handheld vacuum was designed to clean a vast array of different surfaces.  Its brushroll is strong enough to clean carpets, digging deep into carpet fibers.  With an on-board stretch hose, users can attach a number of different accessories that come with the vacuum.  The bagless dust cup collects all of the dirt and can be dumped into a garbage can without the need to fuss with frustrating vacuum bags.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a full featured handheld vacuum that can clean carpeting, stairs, and vehicles with ease, the Eureka EasyClean handheld vacuum is what you’ve always wanted.


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