Electrolux Commercial Carpet Extractor Review

 Vacuuming carpets is always a good idea but sometimes vacuuming just isn’t enough.  This is especially true for commercial and retail locations that receive a lot of foot traffic.  The Electrolux commercial carpet extractor was created for precisely this sort of situation.  Not only does it vacuum but it delivers a deep down wash that removes nearly everything from carpet fibers.

The three stage motor means this is a serious machine with enough power to clean the largest and dirtiest carpeted areas.  The 9 gallon solution and recover tank is fed by a 150 psi pump that delivers and recovers cleaning solution without a second thought.

The water-lift suction motor ensures that carpeting is left clean but not wet.  The cleaning solution gets into the carpet and is pulled right back up.  One major flaw in many carpet extractors rests in the stability of the machine.  With an automatic suction safety shut-off system, the cleaning solution won’t spill even if the unit is tipped over.

The large tank offers a high capacity cleaning option while the impressive 50’ power cord makes it easy to clean even the largest areas without ever needing to unplug it.  The extra-large, easy-roll wheels, makes the Electrolux commercial carpet extractor one of the most maneuverable options on the market.


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