Dyson Digital Sim DC59 is cordless vacuum cleaner review

The Dyson Digital Sim DC59 is cordless vacuum cleaner, it is lightweight and looks stylish plus its even got that long attachment so you don’t have to bend down. I know exactly what is going through your mind – is it good enough? Here are other Dyson vacuum reviews thats worth reading.

We all know that the cordless vacuums has had poor performance in the past but why is there a burst on them in the market all of a sudden? that will be explained in another article here. I am meant to be doing a review.. so if you don’t mind..


The design of the cordless cleaner is non other than a Dyson, everything you expect still resonates in this little vacuum. Like all of his products, they go though a vigorous test of 50,000 hours! The material that is used is ABS plastic which is the same type of plastic they use in riot shields. At first it looked like a something from the future that I could just zap away the dust. It even has a trigger to power up the cleaner. I was particularly impressed with the thought of that because it saves power, only use it when you need to as opposed to corded vacuums – we tend to leave the power on because its too much effort to turn it off just to move the chair out the way. So the trigger is a plus for me.


The suction is like I mentioned earlier has improved noticeably. According to the company it is meant to be the same as Dysons upright vacuum cleaner. This uses the 2 tier Radial Cyclone technology.
In action, it worked great it picked up everything as a lightweight vacuum cleaner should. Another genius idea is that if you find the DC59 unable to pick up the stubborn bits then you can just press the boost button located at the back of the motor that says MAX. This will put your vacuum on hyper drive and you will be sucked into a worm hole – just kidding. its basically gives it a boost of suction, I mean you could just dig the vacuum deeper into the surface but this way is much cooler. However it can drain your battery.

If you were worried about the weight then no need to worry as it only weights 2kg. And again it has been designed in such a way that the handle is the centre of gravity. This is great as it makes it much easier to lift it up in hight places and around. The handle fits perfectly too feels just right to hold and very comfortable. Gtechs Air Ram was designed for the motor to be at the head of the cleaner, through their research they discovered that it improves the suction as the air does not escape when it travels up the pipe to the dust container. However The Dysons cordless vacuum has a very powerful motor, can you imagine if they decided to put their motor at the head chamber too? hmmm could be interesting


The battery has a lot more sufficient power than the previous models. According to their website you get 26 minutes of cleaning time, but I got away with 20 minutes with continuous suction power with the full size cleaning head. Duration depends on which accessory attachment you use I suppose. you can say cleaning up five rooms. One this to note is that you can’t take out the battery, which means you cannot buy another one as a back up.
It is best to vacuum on full power as you want to get the job done, there is no gauge to indicate that you are on low power which really should be a standard.


Emptying was easy, just press the button but make sure that you are above the bin as it will fall out. the dust capacity is 0.5 litres. So not much in comparison to other corded vacuum. But it is very easy to do so I don’t think this will be a hassle.


The Digital Sim DC59 also comes with a docking station in side the box. I would advice to mount it somewhere near a wall socket just so it can be charged readily. It also has holders for two accessory attachments which is very handy.

In total I would say that there are four accessory attachments not including the wall mount and charger, the long motorised cleaning head and the small one plus the dusting brush and the crevice.

The motorised brush has nylon bristles which is works great on bits deep inside carpets and soft carbon fibre that sweeps up small dust bits gently from hard surfaces. Works great with pet hair.


Cordless – clean anywhere freely!
Lightweight only 2kg which makes going upstairs easy peasy
Powerful suction with boost mode
Decent runtime 26 minutes. 20 minutes with the long sized head
2 year guarantee


Price is a bit hefty.


Power: 2 Tier Radial Cyclone Technology
Air Watts: 100AW
Capacity: 0.4 litres
Weight 2.11kg
Floor type: carpet and hard floor
Pet Hair: Yes
Ultra Low-Profile: Yes
Hose: none
Charging time: 4 hours
Gaurantee: 2 years
Attachements: crevice tool / dusting brush / upholstery tool / Removable wand / docking station / battery and charger / mini motorised tool / combination tool


The Dyson Digital Sim DC59 has been hailed the most powerful cordless vacuum. The carbon finer filaments on the head brush removes dust easily, it performs just as well as a corded cleaner. Its basically what a lightweight vacuum cleaner should be. lightweight, cordless and powerful. The DC59 will work superbly on stairs and hard to reach places. It makes vacuuming fun! Great product.

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