Compare Top Vacuum Cleaners – Best For Cat and Dog Hair

Compare Top Vacuum Cleaners – Best For Cat and Dog Hair

The Best Vacuum For Cat Hair

We all love pets, but are you having trouble keeping your house clean when your cat or dog decides to clean themselves. Well I am proud to introduce the Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel, the best vacuum for cat hair and more. It is so important to vacuum on a daily bases to help purify and clean the air you breath.
The Hoover T-series uses the patented wind tunnel technology that allows you to gather all the unwanted hair, pollen, dust, dirt and anything else that might affect the overall shine of your home. Some of the key features on this vacuum include a powerful hand tool for small spot cleaning.This hand tool allows the users to reach those high and low places that are out of reach with its air powered technology. The reusable filter ration system is provided by HEPA and is an industry standard in vacuum cleaners. Lastly the crevice tool to help clean nooks and crannies and the dusting brush to help better clean your furniture.
With the help of these tools you will have the best vacuum for cat hair in Hoover-Collection-LiNX 1town. Other features included that make the Hoover T-Series ideal for cleaning cat hair are as follows: it’s only 16.5 pounds, which makes it extremely light to maneuver. The Hoover-T has a 27 inch cord that includes a built in cord rewind system.The power controls are placed conveniently on the hand pole for easy access. And for all that nasty cat hair, the Hoover has an amazing HEPA filter to prevent clogging within the Wind Tunnel.Also some important features and Specifications for the Hoover-T include:• A No scuff Bumper
• 5 different carpet heights
• 8 inch stretch hose
• System check indicator
• Easy Belt system
Limited 2 year warranty
• Dual cyclonic air system
• Motorized brush roll
• Bag-lessWhy pay hundreds of dollars for the expensive big brand vacuums that provide that same service, if not less than, the Hoover-T series Wind Tunnel vacuum. This vacuum is currently a quarter of the price of the leading Dyson Ball vacuum. If you are serious about owning a pet, but care about the upkeep of you household, the Hoover-T is the Best vacuum for cat hair on the market. Click Here to get this hoover from  with FREE Shipping.
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The Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

The Shark Professional Navigator is the latest in a line of vacuum cleaners and cleaning products from a name that’s been around for more than a century. Most recently having cornered the market on new, innovative cleaning products for the busy 21st century household, this vacuum rivals all others in ease of use, versatility and cost.

The Shark name is synonymous with creative cleaning concepts, and they have developed a line of vacuums and other cleaning products to fit the needs of any lifestyle. You’d be hard pressed to find any negative comments about this hard working, user friendly little gem.

This sturdy vacuum not only picks up the top dust on all types of carpeting, but it also deep cleans the pile of your carpeting to the bottom, never loosing suction or leaving any dirt behind. Use the attachable dust-away tool with microfiber pads to gently clean your hardwood and other bare floors.
The Shark Navigator allows you to zip around furniture and maneuver corners with ease because of its swivel steering design. And, the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology this cleaner features will keep all the dirt and dust secure in the airtight canister, reducing 99.9 percent of the allergens in your home.
With a weight of only 23 pounds, there will be no more struggling with vacuuming your stairs. The super stretch hose attached to this beauty will have you cleaning behind couch cushions, around blinds and sills, and move anywhere you need to vacuum. And there will be no more pet hair with the included handy pet hair power brush.
This is the best vacuum for dog hair and a must for every pet owner. Don’t leave all that dirt and pet hair hanging around your home in a bag. Remove these allergy causing particles entirely from you home each time you vacuum with the full size, easily detachable canister that makes for easy dumping of all the dirt and pet hair you’ve just cleaned up.

And that’s not all, this versatile vacuum also features:

  • 25’ power cord to remove the need to stop, unplug and re-plug into the wall again and again.
  • Crevice tool to reach all those hard to reach places.
  • Handy accessory bag for keeping all the awesome bonus tools in one safe place.

The Shark Professional Navigator is the best value you will find on the market. It will stand up against tough dirt and pet hair, and endure everyday use to help make cleaning your home a breeze. With all the features this cleaner offers, you’ll be wondering how the price is so low.

The Best Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum

Hoover Collection LiNX

“It is VERY powerful, doing a great job even on the stubborn dog hair on our couch.”

The Hoover Platinum Collection LINX is top of the market for handheld vacuum cleaners. This cordless, portable device has a 25 degree nozzle and a lithium-ion battery that features fade free power. It also includes 3 attachments that make it a cinch to clean the pet hair that pet owners will always have.

The best part is its amazing ability to clean up the most stubborn of animal fur. Does you dog’s or cat’s fur turn up on your couch, floor, and your black work pants? This vacuum offers a simple solution to keep pet hair out of your life. It works the best because it is specifically designed to remove pet hair.

The Pet Upholstery tool has a triple blade design that easily grabs fur that is stuck to upholstery. Because this handheld vacuum cleaner has no cord, you will no longer have to crawl under a table to find an outlet in each room that you vacuum in.

The warranty is also spectacular. As we all know, products can have issues – whether at 3 months or 1 year. One day you wake up and a certain feature does not work. With the Hoover handheld model however, there is a 2 year limited warranty on the vacuum.

And in case the charger or battery needs it, there is also a 2 year limited warranty on it. You can vacuum as much pet hair as you need and know that you will always be protected.

It also has these amazing features:

  • Easily Portable
  • 10inx19.25×6.38 dimensions
  • Can clean hard to reach places like the stairs or car
  • Extremely powerful
  • Proven customer favorite

For those who want a lightweight, easy to use vacuum cleaner to clean up the everlasting pet fur that journeys throughout the house of pet lovers, the LINX is a necessity. Time and time again, customers swear by this vacuum cleaner’s amazing abilities to clean up every last pet hair embedded into the furniture.

There will be no more worry about sitting down on the couch and standing up covered in fur. You (and your pets) will not be disappointed with the Hoover Platinum LINX – the best handheld pet hair vacuum. Click HERE to Buy the Hoover Platinum Collection Linx from today.