How to choose the BEST VACUUM CLEANER

How to choose the BEST VACUUM CLEANER

When your choosing a vacuum cleaner you want it to be the best one right? but how can you be sure that the one that you picked is the very best vacuum cleaner? All of the reviews here are honest and non biased reviews but what it really comes down to is how it fits your home. We all have different sizes houses or flats at different shapes, we may have pets we may have carpet, flooring etc.
Having a one solution is possible but how well does it fit?

We have to consider some things before we make a choice. If you are elderly that lives in a home, you may want a lightweight vacuum so it is easier to bring upstairs, you may also want it to have a long power cord because of the size of the house. Or you may want a cordless cleaner that is very lightweight – no problem bring it upstairs and vacuuming around.

If you live in a flat you may want to have a small vacuum to be tucked away neatly but also with decent suction. A handheld vacuum cleaner could be the obvious choice, because of the size of the apartment/flat it does not take too long to get around the whole place. Hand held vacuums have improved a lot in the last decade and if definitely worth a look. They usually come with wall attachments for you to store and access easily.
If you are a parent you may not care about the power cord length but would want to have a cleaner with very good suction as you probably do not want to go over the same spot over and over again.


Upright vacuums are the traditional tall cleaners. They are heavier to move around as you are moving the whole vacuum in one go. It would be hard on the wrists when moving it around so if you suffer from chronic pain in your wrist or anywhere that could be effected then I would not recommend it however please consult your doctor is you are unsure – this is the one that they say that help you burn calories as it is heavy. They also come equipped with a cleaning hose and attachments such as crevice tool and upholstery brush.


Cylindrical vacuums are the ones with the long hose and the main vacuum is usually behind you. These are great because you are just moving the cleaning hose but the whole vacuum. The vacuum is stationary while you use the hose. Although they can be quite frustrating as you have to drag it around and may bash some things in the home if you are not careful like wallpaper on corners and furniture.


Hand held vacuums are different now and some say that they can even replace your main vacuum –  again, it depends if you live in a house/flat. The battery life on the new generation is much more powerful with greater suction. They also come with traditional cleaning tools such as the crevice and upholstery brush. The traditional hand held cleaners are still around but they are nowhere near are as good as the new generation.


This is another that needs to be explored. You have seen them on Tv and the whole idea just sounds crazy but I will tell you that they are the future. They are so advanced that they can recharge themselves when they are low on battery and then carry on cleaning! They clean your floors even when you are at work. Sound too good to be true. The down side is that they are not as powerful and they may sometimes miss a spot – how typical.

The Dyson DC41 Animal robot vacuum cleaner is one of the leading products on the market of its kind. Due to the quality of this product, it is known to be among the best upright pet vacuum products available. With this upright pet vacuum, people can easily and efficiently clean up after their pets and get all things including excess hairs off the floor.

With radial root cyclone technology, users of this vacuum can experience maximum suction power so that they will be able to suck all debris up with little effort. The Dyson pet vacuums have been around for several years and are among the highest quality pet vacuums available.

With an engineering department that is always looking to make improvements in the product, the Dyson vacuums are likely to remain a leading pet vacuum for years to come.

The key features of the Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum are that they have Radial Root Cyclone technology, ball technology along with being lightweight and durable. The Radial Root Cyclone technology allows for the device to have among the strongest suction power of any vacuum.

Therefore users will be able to get up dirt and debris with maximum efficiency. With ball technology, the vacuum will allow users to have smooth steering which will make it very easy to use. Since this device is lightweight and durable, users can move the vacuum with ease and be sure that it will last for many years.

This vacuum has additional features such as a self adjusting cleaner head which allows for the device to reduce air leaks and retain suction power on all types of floors including wood, carpet, vinyl and tile. The vacuum also has a tangle free turbine tool which allows users to get up pet hair and dirt, release it straight to the bin and avoid tangling.

Another notable feature for this vacuum is the instant release high reach wand. Users of this pet vacuum will be able to get a longer reach with the device. This will allow them suck up hair and dirt from far and hard to reach places.

There are some other features that help make this pet vacuum among the best on the market i.e. the ability to capture allergens and expel cleaner air, a clean bin, no extra costs and a 5 year warranty. With the ability to clear allergens, users will be able to make their home easier to live in as they won’t have to worry about the air being contaminated with particles that can cause allergies.

The clean bin allows you to see if the vacuum needs emptying which will allow you to use the vacuum more efficiently. Lastly, there are no extra costs as you won’t need to pay for extra items in order to maximize the use of this pet vacuum.

The 5 year warranty assures you that this vacuum will last a long time giving you plenty of time to maximize its use and effectiveness.

With the Dyson DC41 pet robot vacuum you will be getting a device that efficiently cleans up your home by getting up pet hair and dirt with ease. The numerous features allow this vacuum to give you the optimum cleaning experience and enable you to keep your home free of pet hair and debris on a regular basis.

In summary, the DC41 is a quality, solid and easy to use vacuum and is the best upright vacuum we have found for sucking up pet hair.

How To Buy A Vacuum Cleaner

When looking for the best vacuum cleaner for carpet for your home, there are a few things to consider when doing your research and buying. There are many options available and when researching the various vacuum cleaners. These days you have quite a few options within a wide price range. More expensive is not always better for your home and it all depends on how your vacuum cleaner will be used. Vacuum cleaners

Here are some features and things to consider when looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your situation


Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Overall,  upright vacuum cleaners are the best for cleaning carpets.

Upright vacuum cleaners are popular for being durable, sturdy, and having a wide clean path.  Hoover Windtunnel MAX UH30600 Bagged Upright Vacuum CleanerThey are also generally speaking the best vacuum cleaners for carpet.  In fact, 7 out of the 8 top rated carpet vacuums are upright vacuums (pictured left is the top selling carpet vacuum cleaner, the Hoover Windtunnel MAX UH30600). On the downside, uprights tend to be the heavier and noisier of all vacuum cleaners. Also they may not get into tight corners and other hard-to-reach places like under furniture. Also for a multi-level home you may not want to lug it up and down the stairs, though one option would be to buy a vacuum for each level.

Look for multiple height positions, bare floor options if required, and a long power cord. The upright vacuum is the traditional design for vacuum cleaners and is still the most popular, especially for the price. Upright vacuum cleaners are also convenient to pull in and out of a storage space for quick clean-ups.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The canister vacuum is better if you also have many other surfaces to clean: bare floors, drapes, upholstery, etc.

While upright vacuums are the best choices for carpet vacuuming, if you have many other surfaces to clean besides carpets, you may want to check the canister vacuum cleaners.
They are a bit more portable and versatile as you move only the hose and powerhead – makes them easier for example on stairs or under furniture or in corners. (Pictured right as an example is the very popular Bissell 10M2 Zing Canister  Vacuum, the only one that made the our bestselling list for carpet vacuums). One big plus:  they are  quieter than the upright vacuum cleaners.

While easier to maneuver, know overall the entire system is bulkier than an upright and also makes them a bit harder to store. Make sure to check the quality of the hose of canister vacuums since the airflow determines the suction. It also goes without saying that because the suction comes from airflow, canisters overall will not have the same suction power as upright vacuums.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Smaller cleaning capacity but with a tradeoff of being much lighter.

These are lightweight vacuums. Many are battery powered. These are for some basic surface cleaning or quick cleaning. They are definitely convenient for quick cleanups without having to bend down to clean with a hand vacuum. They are still a bit on the noisy side though.  You can see an example below with the Eurkea 96DZ Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner. The Eureka 96DZ functions as a stick vacuum cleaner and detaches as a hand vacuum cleaner as well.

Hand Vacuum Cleaners:

Great portability which means great for hard to reach areas.

And just because they are handheld, do not think they are deficit in suction power.  This is especially popular with households is the upright vacuum cleaner for the main deep cleaning and a stick vacuum or hand vacuum for the quick pickups and hard to reach places.  As an example, the Eurkea 96DZ Vacuum Cleaner (above) functions as a stick vacuum cleaner but can also detach to be used as a hand vacuum cleaner.


Carpets: Uprights are the best hands down for deep cleaning, though getting into the corners can sometimes be tough

Bare Floor: Canisters tend to do well. Uprights with attachments work also. Some uprights also have a bare floor setting which might be sufficient also.

Upholstery/Stairs: Canisters work well with their maneuverability. You may also want to consider a hand vacuum.

Corners/Under Furniture: Canisters work well here also. Uprights with proper attachments. Some uprights can rotate all the way flat which is nice. Or else a hand vacuum has the portability and maneuverability

Pet hair: Both canisters and uprights work well. Surprisingly some hand vacuums work well with pet hair also. You will definitely want to read specific owner reviews for each vacuum.


With those main points out of the way, the rest of these features can vary and definitely add price to your vacuum. Consider the plusses and minuses to come up with a vacuum that will fit your needs

Of course the first thing to consider is price. You want to set a budget and stick to it. Fortunately, price does not always mean better. There are very good vacuums for under $200 and even some great vacuum cleaners for under $100.

Bag or Bagless:
Neither is better as far as cleaning and suction. The main difference is simply using the bags or not.

Bagless vacuum cleaners means no buying extra bags which can be much more convenient, but they do use a variety of filters which not only need to be cleaned often but may also need to be replaced which can be expensive. Some bagless vacuums may also leak so check owner reviews of the vacuums you are researching. Also since the dirt and dust is not contained in a bag but instead a dirt cup, it can be a bit messier to clean and the dirt or other allergens may get loose.

Bagged vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, keep all the dirt contained in the bag so do not have the same expensive filters and are less messy to clean. Bags also generally have more capacity so you can vacuum longer in between cleanings. There is a continued cost in replacing bags, and sometimes manufacturers stop making the bags for your specific vacuum so make sure to buy a package of bags with your bagged vacuum cleaner.

Both are very popular.  The top 2 of our 8 bestsellers are bagged vacuum cleaners, while the bottom 6 of our 8 bestsellers are bagless vacuum cleaners.

Some vacuums also have special filtration systems that can eliminate allergens, like dust mites and pet dander and sometimes household odors, , or common household odors. But since no one vacuum can do all things, check the features of any vacuum carefully to determine if it’s the right vacuum cleaner for your home. Also remember, the more filters, the more suction will get lost.

Noise Level:
Some of the noisiest vacuums can top out at about 90 decibels which means you should use hearing protection. So consider this when purchasing a vacuum. Upright vacuum cleaners tend to be the noisiest. Stick vacuums can be noisy too. Canister vacuums are not as noisy.

Weight Of Vacuum Cleaner:
Naturally the weight of the vacuum plays in here. Some upright vacuums with powerful suction can also be light. After you go through the feature list, remember to check out weight of the vacuums you have narrowed it down to.

Multiple Height Control:
Most upright vacuums will feature some number of heights – great if you have multiple carpet heights to clean. We again point to our bestseller, the Hoover Windtunnel MAX UH30600 Vacuum Cleaner, which has SEVEN different height levels (including a barefloor setting).

Barefloor Options:
If you have a bare floor, and you are looking into a upright vacuum, check to see if it has a barefloor option. Most common are an on/off switch for the vacuum’s rotating brush and possibly even a bare-floor setting, which is usually a very low-height setting for uncovered floors.

Brush On/Off Controls:
Also known as the roller brush, it is found underneath the machine. This roller has bristles attached to it and spans the width of the base. Some models have a switch to turn the brush agitator off when cleaning bare floors; because a rotating brush on a bare floor can move the debris away from the vacuum not even giving you a chance to suction it up. Also you might want to check (via reader reviews) if the brush stays on while you use the hose/hand tools

Some vacuums do not come with headlamps anymore. For some people, a headlamp on the upright vacuum is a great convenience, especially for under the bed and in corners.  Then again, you may end up getting a separate hand vacuum for those harder to reach areas anyway.

Easy Power on/off:
Some vacuums do not feature easy on and off power switches. Usually this will be on the handle or a foot control. Make sure it is in a convenient place

Power Cord:
Length of power cord is one (25 feet covers a medium sized house pretty well). The other is self-retractable (for convenience, usually on canister vacuums). And if not, then power cord storage of some sort so you can easily put the vacuum away.

Suction, Power, and Performance:
Most vacuum cleaners will describe to you the power in units of amps.  An amp is the amount of electric current flowing through the vacuum. Many upright vacuums will be up to 12 amps, canister vacuum cleaners up to 12 amps also. For many households, you may find outlets do not deliver more than 12 amps or 15 amps.

Generally speaking, the more amps, the more power. But there are other factors which will effect your suction power, the most important being airflow

Air Flow: the air needs to pass well. This is a very important part of vacuum suction power.  This is one reason you want to check your hoses for sturdiness on canister vacuums.

Filters: the more filters, the less suction. Also the dirtier the filters, the less suction so you will want to clean them.

Fans: Multiple fans will give more suction than single fans


Hopefully this “How To Buy A Vacuum Cleaner” buying guide has been helpful!

We encourage you next to check our bestseller lists for the most popular and highest sold vacuums. Besides our reviews we publish, we also put together up-to-date bestseller lists in a variety of categories and features. This way you can see what is most popular, reasoning there is a reason it is most popular.

These most popular vacuum cleaners are a great place to start your research whether you end up with one of the most popular vacuums or even a different vacuum but made by the same manufacturer.